Hello, Young visionaries!

My goal for iVisionary Marketing is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs – Harness the power of vision for the application of goal setting, planning and execution – Develop digital marketing strategies that result in profitability – Efficiently & Effectively Use Marketing Dollars 

Developing the Vision……..

There is a gap in the industry, where small business struggle to adapt technology and start to fall behind in the quickly evolving digital space. Corporate America has the resources and tools to hone in on where small business lack. I want to position all the small businesses and start-ups I come in contact with to create revenue and increase sales by using savvy digital techniques and strategies. iVisionary World is a resource for creating goals, building successful paid advertising campaigns and optimizing for performance.

The Beginning 

My passion for digital marketing started right after I graduated from college. I worked at an e-commerce business, it was a small but thriving. It generated up to $100,000 per month with 1 product and little overhead. I can recall precisely receiving email alerts each time a sale was made. The alerts went off non-stop! They were from people all over the world and it even happened while we were sleeping. I knew at that moment that the Internet had made it possible to create endless opportunities for everyone.

Soon after, I transitioned to agency life. I worked for a small boutique agency with several local and B2B clients. There I learned the foundations of SEO, SEM, and Social Media marketing. I started to formulate strategies for several different business models and measure successful outcomes. This fueled my passion for learning more about digital strategy.

Newbie Entrepreneur
I took a leap of faith! With only $200.00 to buy inventory, I started developing my e-commerce brand with 0 marketing budget. My first year in business I generated $25,000 in sales with only using free online tools. Talk about a challenge, I learned a lot about what to do and what not to do. I knew then I needed to invest money to take my sales to the next level.

Corporate life

That’s when I got a call from a recruiter for a position as an Google Agency Account Strategist. This career move is what changed my knowledge level from entry-level to expert. As an account strategist, I worked with a book of Google Partnered agencies assigned to me for the purpose of improving and growing there Google AdWords MCC’s. I received some of the top Google training, mentorships and knowledge while being able to help agencies develop their client portfolio and increase client revenue. I worked with a variety of different industries and business managing over $500,000 per month in budgets. Building proposals, campaign creation, and optimization became my daily life for all Google Ads products. My favorite part was working with small businesses to see the impact and growth. I enjoyed my job, but I needed to share with everyone I could.


More About Me:

  • I love hanging out with my family. I have a 7 year old daughter who is energetic, funny and a good big sister to my 1 year old son.
  • My husband is extremely supportive of all my business ventures and ideas no matter what.
  • I enjoy working out, yes actually enjoy it. Weight Lifting over cardio any day.
  • I have a super girly skin care Instablog where all I do it talk about skin care and makeup
  • My 5-pound Chiwawa is the biggest brat in my house
  • I have never lived on a farm, but would one day like to own a farm one day with a horse and chickens