How To Write Your 5 year Vision: Part 2

Divine Inspiration 

Write the vision and make it plain. Habakkuk 2:2

I believe there are visions that have been placed inside of you by God. I encourage you to pray and ask for guidance throughout this journey. Pray for clarity, pray for direction, Pray for divine imagination and pray for vision. 

Details, Details, Details. 

It’s time to articulate some of the things that may have been on your mind, and in your spirit. It’s time to create the framework for where you see your life going. I challenge you to be as detailed as possible. For example, if you are describing the home you want to live in in 5 years, don’t just write down where. Think about……how you want the landscaping, do you want a kitchen island, what color do you want your backsplash, what style, modern, traditional, 2 car garage, how will you clean the house, Will you have a maid or make your kids do it. I think you get the point, paint a specific picture in your mind using as much detail as possible.

Do The Work 

Now that you have activated your imagination, synchronized your desires, passions and skills. It’s time to do the work! 

I have created an outline based on the vision I created for my life for your use as a guide. 

A guide to help you think and explore many areas of your life. My outline was greatly inspired by the book “Hello Tomorrow” by Cindy Trimm as well as the teaching of Dr. Myles Monroe. If learning more about your gift and purpose from God interests you I encourage you to research and read more about them. 

There are a couple things I want you to keep in mind while using this template.  

The template says 5 year vision but this can be your 10 year, 20 year or whatever you want. I think the goal is to think forward. One year can fly by, so at least be thinking 5 years ahead as a good start. 

This is an outline that highlights certain pillars that can be considered important in most people’s lives. However this is your life, skills, and desires and they may look different than mine. Please add to it, adjust it, and make it your own. 

Download the Template Here: visionaryframeworktemplate (4)